» Though we cannot change the wind, but put the sails differently. « (Aristotle)


My mission – Share know-how and exploit it effectively

Thomas Hayes "Tom" Davenport Jr. is an American scientist and author who specializes in analytics, business process innovation, knowledge management and artificial intelligence. He sums it up this way:

"Knowledge management is the process of collecting, distributing, and effectively using knowledge."

What are the main factors in knowledge management?

People: The focus is on people, relationships and how they form learning communities and other informal ways of sharing knowledge.

Technology: The focus is on modern collaboration platforms with dedicated spaces for communication and exchange/transfer of knowledge and know-how. These platforms enable efficiency, transparency and documentation, furthermore internationality and local independence. The expertise of internal and external specialists will be onboarded in a simple, time- and cost-saving way.

Processes: The focus is on the company's organizational structure and processes, which are the base of company-relevant process knowledge. Organizational hierarchy and corporate culture are given appropriate consideration for both, knowledge exchange and organizational learning.

What is the main benefit in a project?

The improvement of collaboration and generation of ideas.
The increase of efficiency in collaboration.
The acceleration of decision making.
The identification and implementation of suitable solutions.
The quality and reliability of data and information.
The support to meet specifications, timelines and project goals.

Why is knowledge management an important backbone of project success?

Active knowledge management supports the project team very effectively to generate desired project success. It is art to leverage a balanced combination of interaction, knowledge transfer and experience between people, the targeted use of appropriate technology and a sound knowledge of business processes in the project.

I activate and implement knowledge management in project teams.

Benefit from my competencies and experience.

Knowledge Management