» No matter what you achieved, someone helped you. « (Althea Gibson)

Brigitte zinner

Brigitte Zinner

Expert for Structures and Processes

Projectmanager with experience in Change Management, Team Management and Knowledge Management

The professional contact with colleagues and clients on all five continents as well as longer stays abroad in North America and France characterize me. I like working international, between cultures and interdisciplinary in German and English.

My clients are managing directors, senior executives, project managers at well-known companies and market-leaders (SMEs/Corporate Groups).

Über mich

My way of working

I am driven by hands-on mentality. My self-understanding, my attitude and my work are based on entrepreneurial thinking, planning and acting. A deep understanding of IT and business processes enables me to ask the right questions and to create and implement appropriate structures and processes for a project.

My strengths

I build up trust and agile decision making in teams and solve problems with know-how, experience and creativity. One of my particular strengths is recognizing which knowledge is needed in the project. I know where and how to find it, connect it and use it in the project. Encouraging team spirit and cooperation is important for me in every project.

My experience

I know all business divisions due to my professional experience within many industries:

OD, Recruiting Consultancies, Law Firms, U.S. Economic Development

Retail and Wholesale

Plastics, Machinery, High Purity Media Technologies, Plant Engineering, Semiconductor Industry, Packaging, Sportswear

Life Science:
Medical Devices, BioTech, Pharma